Hi here! Günther speaking. I’m professional photographer and filmmaker (EIKONAS Photography) and founder, chief-editor and contributor to our new magazine project “Purest Magazine”. This is the beginning of a journey and you are witnessing it from the first moment. We appreciate that very much!

My idea creating this magazine is over ten years old and “giving birth to it” was a long and difficult process with many windings and obstacles. Why at all this idea of creating a magazine, better – an Online Platform like “Purest Magazine”? To shed some light on this, a few thoughts first:

Why do people find violence, hatred and discord less offensive than nudity? Why do social media platforms allow disturbingly violent videos, yet ban users for posting a photo with a nipple, particularly a female nipple, citing violation of community standards? Which community are these standards supposed to represent? Similarly, it is deemed acceptable even for kids and minors to engage in games, watch movies and TV-shows and participate in chat groups that glorify brutality and hostility, yet the exposure to a naked body is considered to potentially cause them serious and lasting harm. In which bigot society Is this really justified? Why is the depiction of a nude individual deemed rude or offensive, while chauvinism, intolerance and rasicm are prevalent in our everyday surroundings? How has it come to pass that we are seemingly so reluctant to accept our own bodies as natural gifts, leading us to demonize our sexuality, our existence, and ourselves? And as we even can’t respect ourselves, we do not respect our neighbors, our fellow human beings, our environment and the world we’re living in.

In my work as a photographer in the field of sensual photography, I come up against the limits that social platforms and their hyper-critical guidelines impose on me every day. My images and films are reported, deleted and my profiles blocked with thousands of followers being lost, often with a lack of transparency as to the reasons for these actions. As much as I try to respect the community guidelines and act in accordance with them, publishing there always remains a balancing act. I also no longer want to rely on the often and opaquely changing rules, regulations and algorithms of social platforms. My work and the work of my colleagues and the models out there is too valuable. I have therefore decided to turn my back on those platforms and, with “Purest Magazine”, give a creative space to all those who want to join me on a path without censorship and bigotry.

We at “Purest Magazine” believe in in the opposite of hatred and discord. We believe in humanity and tolerance, in beauty and authenticity. We are dedicated to natural feminine beauty. We value authentic, pure, and true beauty, rather than superficial portrayals that focus solely on sexual arousal, as is often the case with pornography. Our creators and models strive to present a beauty that transcends mere physicality, also reflecting their true emotions and souls. We love truthfulness, we are longing for true emotions. We consider the respectful and classy depiction of sexuality and eroticism to be true, good and genuinely human.

Our anchors and keystones are respect and appreciation. Within our fundamental orientation, we love to show a broad variety of styles, presented by our creators and models. You can expect a very “colorful” platform and magazine, also in our Black And White work :). You should not expect a “signature style” (like e.p. Playboy is presenting through the so called “Playboy-Style”), as life is full of colors and so are our creators and models, each of them being individual and different in their approach to sensual and erotic photography and videography. You should also not expect a soulless mass of pictures or videos, photo-series of 100 or more mediocre pictures of “soulless” models, fake happily grinning into the camera. We will present art and the “essence” of beauty, truthfulness and being.

We kindly invite you to enjoy our content with respect, love and appreciation. You’ll see picture and video series with us that you can’t see anywhere else. You will see models that are not published anywhere else. You will see beauty and naturalness. We will upload several photo and video stories per week. As part of our visual media, but also our editorial content, we will emphasize the beautiful, the positive. We will also focus on sustainability and on preserving a future worth living. We will produce in locations where respect and appreciation are not empty words.

Last but not least, it’s worth to mention, that you will only see REAL photos and videos of REAL women in our platform and magazine project. We are an antithesis of “fake” and artificiality, including AI in the field of creating images (while AI is very useful and helpful in many aspects of everyday editorial work, but artificial images have no place here).

We will also increasingly invite you to participate as a subscriber and member of Purest Magazine. You are in the center of our interest. We want to determine the direction of our project together with you. We will incorporate more and more opportunities for participation and feedback into Purest Magazine. As a subscriber, you will be our creative director. Finally, we also want to establish our “Purest Academy”: A training platform for all those interested in photography and video and those who want to become one. Today is only the beginning. The beginning of a journey.

We are happy to see you on board of “Purest Magazine”