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Want to be a Purest Muse? Purest Magazine is a project of brandgroup GmbH & award-winning photographer Guenther Achleitner – EIKONAS Photography. We create classy, sensual, natural, handcrafted, soulful, and respectful unique work. The Muses of Purest Magazine are unique, proud, self-confident, and radiate women with inspiring sensuality.

We are inviting both talented photographers/filmmakers and naturally beautiful muses to join us on our journey.

Want to be a Purest Muse?

You are female and also want to be a “Purest Muse”? You have that certain something? You are comfortable in your own skin and exhibit a high degree of confidence in front of the camera? Then we want to hear from you in any case:

  • You MUST be over 18 years old / of legal age in the country of your residency
  • You should be naturally beautiful with that certain something
  • You should be self-confident and full of love and passion for what you are doing
  • You should be fine with (artistic) nude photography and film-making
  • You should not have any (non-medically indicated) body modifications, like breast enhancements, tattoos (a small one here and there maybe will work, there is no rule without exception), or lip enhancements, …
  • You should be in good shape and rested. You should have a neat appearance. If Make-up, we prefer natural Make-up (you can do it by yourself if you feel comfortable with it, otherwise we provide our Make-up-Artists). No weird nail polishes (black, blue, green, …) please, no fake nails, well-groomed natural hair. We in any case recommend and prefer your body all and carefully shaven (legs, armpits, pubic area). Take care of avoiding skin irritations, pimples, and hair stubbles, …
  • Experience is not mandatory. We prefer love, appreciation, passion, and self-confidence over so-called “experience”.

Please get back to us, using the following E-Mail address: model(at)purestmagazine.com

IN ANY CASE add the following information to your application:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your nationality
  • Your country of residence
  • Your mail address
  • Your phone number (for WhatsApp, …)
  • Your weight
  • Your height
  • Your waist
  • Your bust
  • Your hips
  • Your cup size
  • Your dress size
  • Your shoe size
  • Your hair color and length
  • Your eye color
  • Any tattoos, piercings, breast- or other enhancements. Please be honest! We have a strict policy there. We might make an exemption, but it’s in any case a matter of respect not to waste your and our time by providing us with false information.
  • Anything else you want to tell us about your body: Scars, shaven or unshaven …
  • Links to possible sedcards, (social) profiles, …
  • One headshot photography
  • Two full-figure bikini or nude photos
  • A copy of your ID
  • Also, we are grateful if you tell us some words about yourself, provide us with your bio, and tell us why you want to work with us.

The captures you are sending us don’t need to be professionally made. Be assured that your photographs and the copy of your ID are in good hands. We are never publishing anything without your consent.

We are getting back to you in any case. We will not leave you without an answer.

If we decide that we want to work with you, you will be working with one of our great artists who will create unique, hand-crafted, and respectful material with you. We don’t produce hundreds of soulless pictures/videos with you. We concentrate on the essence of beauty and will create art together with you as a valuable team member. You will be in good hands in front of, during, and after the creation process. We are respecting your needs and also your “Do’s and Don’ts”, your boundaries, … After the publication of your story in our online platform and/or in one of our printed issues you will get the (non-commercial) right to publish the media in your channels, sedcards, … for your personal need. 

Affiliate Program

You will also have the chance to earn money for your valuable work. Unlike other magazines out there, we are truly caring about our creators and models and we respect and appreciate your work. Therefore we are are looking forward to getting your work compensated through our “Purest Magazine Affiliate Program”.

In short: For every new member, who is applying to a Paid Membership Plan on your recommendation, you will earn 10 percents of the amount of the chosen Membership Plan.

The details of our Affiliate Program we will tell you in a personal (online) meeting, call, …

Legal Disclaimer: As much as we are looking forward to compensate you, you will surely understand, that there will be no legal right established for you to get compensated in this or any other way.

We can’t wait to welcome you as our next Purest Muse!