After Eden, our today’s gallery update, will take you back to ancient Greece.

As the sun began to sink low on the horizon, casting a warm orange glow across the Greek ruins, I was amazed as Alice gracefully moved through the columns and broken walls, in her sheer skin only. The light danced across her nakedness, the golden rays of the setting sun highlighting the curves of her body and giving her a heavenly radiance.

The wind was blowing gently around the ruins, swaying Alice’s hair and her summer dress, she was wearing now. The cicadas already singing their farewell songs as the day slowly faded. Alice’s movements were like a sacred and also slightly melancholic dance, a tribute to the ancient gods that once graced this ground. I watched, mesmerized, my camera capturing each moment, each magical flare of light.

The result was a series of breathtaking images, a testament to the beauty and wonder of this place and this moment. Alice’s connection to that dignified place was palpable, the ruins serving as a stunning backdrop to her graceful movements. It was a moment of pure magic, a memory that will stay forever.

After Eden

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