“Cough Sneeze” – those are the most common sounds if you would be with us currently (which we really don’t recommend)! We had to slow down a little bit during the last days, because our whole editorial team is ill – literally everybody of us. And we are administrating the magazine more or less from our beds.

Nevertheless there are some big news right around the corner! The onboarding at our future payment partner is finally complete (after two months’ negotiations), which will allow us to provide you with our monthly, half-yearly and yearly recurring plans and nearly every payment method you could think of, including credit cards and dozens of local payment options of your home region.

We are just testing the whole process to make it work smoothly for you and soon we will say “Ready, Steady, Go!” A next major step for us and you as our valuable customer and member.

Due to the fact that we all got the flu, our Lifetime Plan (and the coupon “digforgold20“) will exist a little bit longer (till the end of February), but soon it’s really too late. So if you always wanted to apply to our Lifetime Gold Plan: There’s your very very last chance ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just saying …

Most beautiful photo stories are currently prepared, being almost ready to being published. The first submission of a fellow photographer and his model is ready and waiting for publication, more artists and models will follow soon.

Stick around with us to get the most stunning, most natural, most exclusive and most authentic feminine beauty right onto your computer or to your mobile device.

But don’t come too close! “Cough Sneeze” ๐Ÿ˜‰