Kiki in Jungle: One of my favorite places to photograph for this story is a lush jungle spot near my hometown.

Getting there is not easy – you have to walk for kilometers and battle through nettles and vines, making our way to the river bank. And then comes the challenge of crossing the cold, deep water while carrying all our equipment over your head. Once you reach the other riverside, you can set up our base camp and take in the breathtaking beauty of the small river and its surroundings.

This spot is truly a haven for wildlife, with a diverse range of birds, mammals, and insects making it their home. The lighting here is also magical, especially during early summer when the sun perfectly sets along the river axis, creating a stunning backlight that you can see in the photos.

Kiki’s natural beauty shines in this location – she is just naked and being herself, without any distractions or roles to play. We even made a short video capturing her pure essence in this dreamlike setting. You can watch it here:

I am currently working on the first print edition of “Purest Magazine” which will feature completely nude women – no clothes, accessories, or role playing. This is my preferred style of nude photography as it captures the raw and honest nature of the human form. Stay tuned for its release this summer!

Watch Kiki in Jungle!

Kiki in Jungle
Kiki in Jungle

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