Welcome our new photographer Enrico!

Enrico, a participant of EIKONAS workshops is our newest Purest Magazine photographer. During his latest workshop attendance he captured his debut photo series “Sensual Moments“, featuring the stunning Olivia. The idea to produce a story for our magazine sprang up spontaneously when Günther, from EIKONAS Photography, saw the images on Enrico’s camera screen. Although Enrico just started his “career” in photography – this is only Enrico’s second foray into capturing sensuality – he has a natural talent for it. While some photographers struggle for years to reach this level, Enrico makes it seem effortless.

Let’s give a big round of applause and recognition to Enrico for his exceptional work on only his second sensual photography project!

Welcome Our New Photographer Enrico!


Olivia Sensual Moments
New Photographer Enrico

From being a faithful longterm fan of the stunning Purest Model Alice over getting Gold Member of Purest Magazine to beginning of pursuing a sensual photography career – that’s Enrico’s journey! Could it be also yours?

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