Olivia in her new photo gallery Tailored Passion: Today, Olivia and I quickly did a photoshoot for Purest Magazine in the recently rented additional rooms of the “Studioloft Bildermanufaktur” – which are still in their empty and unaltered states. The raw and unfinished surrounding provided the perfect backdrop for our pictures. Olivia effortlessly posed on the bare concrete floor, wearing nothing but a man’s suit that revealed her naked skin underneath.

I used my Leica M11R rangefinder camera, paired with an over 70-year-old Summicron 50mm f2.0 lens to capture the shots. Some may think that rangefinders with their missing autofocus and the lack of almost all other modern features aren’t suitable for sensual and portrait photography. However, see for yourself and watch the stunning results that prove otherwise

Olivia Tailored Passion

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