Ready Steady Go! Dive into Purest Magazine now! The past few months have been filled with hard work for us. Last December, we released the public beta version of Purest Magazine and also partnered with Skrill as our payment provider for subscriptions.

Welcome Skrill as our Payment Partner!

It was not too easy to find a reputable payment partner, especially since we deal with content involving uncovered femininity. Despite our commitment to publishing tasteful and sensual content rather than explicit exposure, we still face stigma and difficulties. However, Skrill fortunately distinguishes between the two.

Our main payment partner is owned by Paysafe Inc., which in turn is owned by Mastercard. This gives us confidence that your payments are in good hands. Skrill offers you a wide variety of payment options, like secure payments and access to a variety of credit card and local payment options . You can create your personal Skrill account for payments, but it’s not mandatory. Furthermore you can also use your existing Paypal account.

We had to go through a thorough due diligence process to become accepted as a merchant partner with Skrill. We then faced numerous challenges in connecting their payment services with our membership software. This required a lot of programming and modifications to form and modify a gateway between the two systems. Finally, we can proudly say that everything is working smoothly now, which was crucial for us.

Angely Grace Bathtubette

Ready Steady Go! We are waiting for you!

In order to make the onboarding process safer and easier for you, we have made some decisions. We understand that as a new platform with little reputation (despite my own EIKONAS photography), there may be doubts and concerns from potential customers. Will we survive? Will we provide continuous content? Will your payments be secure? Will our website run without interruption?

These are valid questions and here are our promises and commitments

We are passionate about what we do. In just five months of existence, we have already posted nearly one thousand pictures and videos featuring 17 models and three content creators. Our goal is to bring you authentic, natural, and exclusive content that celebrates the true beauty of women – something you won’t find anywhere else.

Our frustration with strict community guidelines on social media platforms led us to create this magazine. We were constantly getting reported, banned, and even had our profiles deleted because our work didn’t fit their standards.

With Purest Magazine, we have freed ourselves from these restrictive platforms and their constantly changing rules. While we do have our own principles and guidelines, they are our own and not dictated by anyone else.

Lastly, we are committed to supporting our models and artists. Your money directly supports us in running this platform and allows us to continue doing what we love. It also directly supports our models, photographers, and filmmakers as we believe in respecting, appreciating, and compensating our artists for their work.

Join us in building a new and liberated community instead of supporting large international data-mining corporations that invade your privacy for profit.

We are dedicated to continuously expanding our content for our readers. With the first evolution of our platform software, we offer photo and video stories, as well as editorial content. As members, you have the opportunity to influence the direction of our magazine project through participation and involvement, such as rating galleries and leaving comments on photos and videos.

Our “Speaker’s Corner” serves as a guestbook for members to share their thoughts. We also are about to provide education on photography, filmmaking, and editing through our “Purest Academy“, which is included in all paid membership plans without any additional costs.

While we might be offering extra and personal content in the future for those who want it, there is no obligation for you to make additional payments on top of your subscription fees.

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We have decided against automatically renewing subscriptions!

Your satisfaction with our artistic and truthful content is our priority; we do not want to deceive or confuse you with payments. Therefore, we have decided against automatically renewing subscriptions. Our plans are meant to be recurring, but there will be no automatic payment system – at least not at the beginning while we are new and you may have questions about spending money on us (as discussed earlier).

We will inform you when your payment cycle is ending and give you the option to manually renew if you wish. If you choose not to renew, there will be no annoying questions asked. Our hope is that you will be a happy returning customer, rather than us forcefully taking money from your wallet. We will also periodically offer “One Time Payment – Lifetime Memberships” for your convenience, and you can change or renew your membership at any time.

Our Price Guarantee

Once you become a member through a recurring payment plan, we guarantee that your price will remain the same for the duration of your payment cycles. As long as you manually renew, you will pay the same price that you did at the beginning of your membership.

Ready Steady Go

So what are you waiting for? Join Purest Magazine today and celebrate the purity of natural female beauty. Our commitment is to create genuine, authentic, and sensual art for our readers.