We Hear You – Your Feedback Is Valuable! And A New Gallery With Paulina Aleksandra

We are grateful to have you as valuable members of Purest Magazine. Your feedback is important to us and we hear you! We are always listening.

Recently, we received two questions from our readers:

1) Some have noticed that our published pictures are in a relatively small resolution.

2) Why is it not possible to right-click on our website?

We want to address these concerns and provide answers for everyone who may have the same questions.

1) Image quality: We understand that the current image size (2,048px long side) is outdated. When we first launched our website, our priority was loading speed for a better user experience. However, we acknowledge the demand for higher resolution images and videos. Hence, all future images will be presented in 4K resolution and we will gradually update previously published ones. Our videos will also be filmed in 4K from now on. We hope this decision will please our readers.

2) Disabled right-click: To protect our images and models from being shared on inappropriate sites, we have limited the ability to download or save media from our website. Although we cannot fully prevent this, we aim to make it more difficult by disabling actions like right-clicking. We may consider offering downloadable sets in the future but it has not been finalized yet. Nevertheless, we have disabled right-click protection on our Help Form and Login Page to make it easier for you to copy and paste text into those fields. We value your opinion and hope this enhances your user experience.

The gallery “Sunny Window” by Paulina Aleksandra will be the first one presented in a higher resolution, with others to follow soon!

We appreciate your support for Purest Magazine and encourage you to continue enjoying our new web magazine project. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further suggestions or questions.

Stay tuned for other exciting updates that are on their way – we will share them through another story post!

We hear you

Check out our latest gallery and also follow our new Instagram profile at https://www.instagram.com/purestmagazine_official as our previous one was unfortunately deleted by Instagram.

We hear you