Survey Results Part 1: Some time ago, Purest Magazine had an Instagram profile with 40k dedicated followers. Suddenly, without warning or explanation, the account was deleted by Instagram. Despite my efforts to contest this decision and determine the reason for the deletion (as I did not violate any community guidelines), my attempts were unsuccessful and the profile remained gone.

During the time when this profile existed, I conducted a survey on various topics related to the content of Purest Magazine. Luckily, I saved screenshots of the results which have greatly influenced the direction of our magazine project thanks to your feedback. In this multi-part editorial story, I will share these previous survey results with you. Without further ado, here is the first part:

Survey Results Part 1

The survey results to our initial query were crystal clear: 95% of you want Purest Magazine to feature nudity. And so, here we are – fulfilling your wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

Survey Results Part 1

Our next inquiry pertained to the preferred quantity of pictures in our photo gallery. Would you prefer a large number of lower quality images or a smaller selection of high-quality ones? We are pleased to see that an considerable majority shares our belief in prioritizing quality over quantity. Other platforms may inundate you with hundreds of mediocre photos, but we remain dedicated to providing authentic, natural, and exclusive content that celebrates the true beauty of women โ€“ something you won’t find elsewhere.

Survey Results Part 1

In our final survey question, we asked whether our readers preferred classic nudity or if they wanted us to showcase more daring, erotic content. The majority of responses were in favor of also seeing more erotic content. We are happy to oblige while remaining dedicated to producing high-quality material. Anyone can find dull pornography anywhere; our goal at Purest Magazine is to celebrate the purity of natural female beauty. We strive to create authentic and sensual art that embodies genuine eroticism.

That concludes our Survey Results Part 1

We sincerely appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us; they are incredibly valuable in guiding the direction of our Purest Magazine. Keep an eye out for the upcoming survey report. You are welcome to follow our new Purest Magazine insta account to also support us there:

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