Which gallery should we post next? As a member, we gave our word that you have the power to shape the future of our magazine project by taking part and being involved. And now, we present to you our first poll. Your opinion is crucial to us. Which gallery idea out of the three options below do you think should be our next publication? We eagerly await your decision!

Which Gallery Should We Post Next?

Gallery 1: Katherin Sher in “Cozy Afternoon”. Several years ago, during Katherin’s visit to my hometown, we captured a series of striking images. As a Russian model from Saint Petersburg, she exudes sensuality and has a vast range of experience and versatility in her craft. Together, we created truly stunning photographs.

Which gallery should we post next

Gallery 2: Kiki in “Walk In Town”. Out of the three suggestions, this gallery idea would be the most unconventional if it were to be published. It features a Walk in Town through a charming Greek city, with Kiki as the main subject who is seen more or less undressed, and sometimes in nothing but her bare skin.

This suggestion not only showcases the final photos, but also offers a peek behind the scenes by including pictures taken during the shoot. It is always quite a challenge to capture undressed images in public, especially with my approach. I always make sure my models are not exposed to the public eye and try my best not to get caught.

Capturing those pictures requires precise timing – there is never enough of it. Before even taking the photo, there is a lot of groundwork to be done – observing, scanning surroundings. And when it’s time for the shot, there’s often only one opportunity for a quick snap.The entire photo series will provide an insight into what such a project looks like behind the camera.

Which gallery should we post next

Gallery 3: Candy Kate in “Self Care”: In my studio, the lovely and petite Candy Kate takes time for herself. She sits on the windowsill, wrapped up in a blanket, sipping hot tea as she gazes out at the cloudy autumn day. As the warmth seeps under her skin, she sets aside the blanket and begins to tend to her finger and toe nails, giving us a glimpse into her intimate femininity. This gallery is the boldest of the three options, but still maintains class and tastefulness.

Which gallery should we post next

Which Gallery Should We Post Next? Voting Has Come To An End

Poll Result

It was the majority’s decision! Most of you voted to see Kiki strolling through a quaint Greek town, potentially even losing her clothes along the way ๐Ÿ˜‰ The post and corresponding gallery images are currently being prepared for your viewing pleasure! The gallery of sweet Candy Kate will follow afterwards.

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